Create an impact at Mobile 360 Series and become a sponsor

Collaborate with GSMA to craft the perfect sponsorship for your company at a Mobile 360 Series event. If you are looking to promote your business to the most senior stakeholders and to add longevity to your investment, we have sponsorship packages designed to fulfill a range of objectives including high profile branding, networking and thought-leadership.

2019 Key Industry Sponsors

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Join the Innovation Showcase

Showcase your innovative products and promote the physical brand power of your business to the most senior stakeholders.

Book space in the Innovation Showcase with a pre-built showcase, space-only exhibition, or start-up pod. Private Meetings Rooms are also available.

Be a Thought-Leader

Present your keen insight and knowledge during a workshop integrated with or outside of the conference agenda.

Options are also available for hosting a Lunch Salon, Breakfast Briefing, Pre-Event Workshop day, VIP & Speaker Dinner, and more.

“We decided to present a workshop to present a bigger picture and see how the GSMA community responds. Do they see the same challenges? Do they see other use cases? This is exactly the kind of feedback we are looking for and why we are presenting a workshop.”

Senior Director for Analytics, Neural Technologies

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Let’s get started. Contact us today and take your place among companies that are shaping the connected future.

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