What Does a Digital Future Look Like for Africa? - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

What Does a Digital Future Look Like for Africa?


Date & Time

Wednesday, 12 Jul

11:45 - 13:00


Traditions are broken, new business models are introduced, data is the new currency, decision making is decentralized and collaboration is the underlying theme; this is the digital age for Africa.


Digital transformation has given African leaders the opportunity to become the creators of technology, not just the consumers. Globally, we have foresight into what digital transformation looks like in Europe and Asia, but what does The Fourth Industrial Revolution mean for Africa and what future should stakeholders be preparing for?


The previous ‘bottom up’ approach has made great progress in rural connectivity and pricing, but now a ‘top-bottom’ approach is needed. So what needs to be put into place to achieve a smooth transition and the enablement of services for all, and what is the collective vision of the future and role of public-private partnerships to advance digital Africa? Join our Day Two Keynote session where we will be exploring and celebrating the digital developments taking place across Africa.