Future of Insurance and Pension - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Future of Insurance and Pension

#BetterFuture Stage

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Tuesday, 16 Jul

13:00 - 13:45


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In our day to day lives we all face risks that could result in the unpredictable loss of our assets, accident, or death impacting our lifestyles. Low-income people are more vulnerable to these incidents, often wiping out their savings and driving them deeper into poverty.


Insurance penetration in most African Countries is below 3% and formal pension arrangements are restricted largely to salaried public and private sector employees leaving the majority uncovered.


The conventional insurance and pension products, processes and distribution have inbuilt limitations that hinder access for the majority of low income people in the informal sector.

An increasing number of the excluded low income people across Africa and South Asia now has access to mobile technologies and FinTechs are playing a pivotal role in facilitating access and usage of innovative financial products and services in different corners of the world.

Can digital technologies therefore bring similar disruptions to the insurance and pension sectors as we’ve experienced in other financial services?


Panel Discussion: Can digital technologies disrupt the future of insurance and pension?

Marijn Bergsma, Director –People’s Pension East Africa

Richard Tusabe , Director General, Rwanda Social Security Board

Ovia K. Tuhairwe, Commercial Director, Radiant Insurance Company Ltd

Christian Kabeza, Head of Inclusive Insurance , Access to Finance Rwanda



Renita Nabisubi, Head- Digital Financial Solutions, Access to Finance Rwanda