Digital Commerce is Essential For Now and the Future - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Digital Commerce is Essential For Now and the Future


Date & Time

Tuesday, 24 Sep

13:45 - 15:45


Lower Lever 3 (LL3) - Mayang Sari Ballroom


Asia-Pacific is a large, addressable and maturing market that is particularly well versed into the use of mobile devices and social media. As commerce has evolved to encompass Web, mobile and social channels, MNOs’ digital commerce proposition has progressed to supporting payment online and at point-of-sale so that the consumer can use a single service to manage all their transactions.  In this session through presentations and panels, speakers will cover a range of questions about MNO’s need to explore additional collaborative opportunities both inside and outside of the industry. With alternative payment methods being used across the region, how can MNOs level the playing field with their competitors by using Artificial Intelligence to enhance their digital commerce propositions?