GSMA Mobile 360 Series - 2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights


Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security brought 64% senior level leaders to look at the importance of cybersecurity in today’s increasingly connected world. As we accelerate towards a world of ubiquitous connectivity, we need to ensure that we have the security strategies in place to protect our networks, services, consumers and their data. The world of connectivity we have created is one of incredible opportunity, but it brings with it a dark side that can leave individuals, companies and countries open to exploitation. How, as our reliance on technology grows, can we ensure we are not putting ourselves at risk?

The speakers at Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security spoke about the need for the tech ecosystem to work together to create robust security strategies, particularly as we move towards 5G. They addressed the importance of planning for tomorrows threats today, and building defences that ensure we stay ahead in the security arms race. A key theme of the conference was trust, and the need to protect consumer data. They examined implications of the recent GDPR enforcement date and analysed how it will affect consumers and businesses around the world. It was an event that brought together leading security innovators and change-makers to create a security roadmap for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Announcing WARP

At Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security, GSMA announced WARP: Warning, Advice and Reporting Point. The GSMA WARP is a service that supports both reactive and proactive security alerting, detection and rapid response, and information dissemination for the mobile industry.


The afternoon workshops sponsored by G+D Mobile Security, Microsoft, NetNumber, and Neural Technologies provided in depth discussions on the more pressing topics in privacy & security:

  • Looking Ahead at the first six months of GDPR
  • Big Data, Privacy and doing Social Good
  • Securing the Signaling Core and the Mobile Edge
  • Event Data Virtualisation – The Bigger Picture

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