Workshop Led by Huawei: IoT and 5G - Enabling the Digital Society - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Workshop Led by Huawei: IoT and 5G – Enabling the Digital Society


Date & Time

Monday, 26 Nov

16:15 - 17:00


The intelligent world is drawing near, filled with potential and possibilities. Groundbreaking technologies like IoT and 5G promise to solve complex business challenges and improve the lives of the population. By integrating the physical and digital worlds, IoT and 5G have the power to revolutionize future society, they can streamline business processes, boost productivity, and give customers better products and services. Huawei had launched a regional platform of 5G ecosystem program since May 2018, and based on this platform Huawei cooperates with global top IoT and 5G partners on open innovation projects to speed up the development of customized solutions, helping the Middle East operators to consolidate their strengths in digital transformation and succeed in their targets pursuits. Huawei teams up with operators to lay the groundwork for a 5G network in Middle East. This collaboration allows the operators to draw on Huawei’s expertise, whose technology is widely regarded as the leader in the industry, and utilize all the equipment capabilities in order to provide superior network experience to its consumers in Middle East. This must-attend workshop is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss how together we can build the 5G ecosystem, achieve sustainable business target, and enable the digital society.