Developments in IoT Security - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Developments in IoT Security


Date & Time

Tuesday, 23 May

14:00 - 15:30


New IoT product and services are continuing to launch at a rapid pace in both the industrial and consumer markets. However, IoT security is relatively immature and vulnerabilities remain a big challenge for service providers, particularly if IoT devices are used to cause malicious attacks. IoT hacks can have unforeseen ramifications for users and can negatively impact service providers’ revenue and reputation if not dealt with quickly and effectively. IoT security needs to be built in to smart products and services as standard and this can be a big undertaking considering the variety of participants in the complex IoT value chain. This session will look at the latest developments in IoT security from the technology and the regulatory perspectives, and how IoT security with supporting regulations can help to drive the adoption and the safe and secure use of IoT products and services. 


14.00 Chairperson 

Professor David Rogers, Founder & CEO, Copper Horse Solutions

14.05 Presentation: The lay of the land with IoT Security 

Arthur van der Wees, Founding Member & Co-Chair, The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)

14.20 The IoT Security challenge ahead of us!

Jan Kok, Security Technology Officer, Nokia

14.35 IoT Security in Practice

Harm Jan Arendshorst, Global Lead – IoT Security & International Strategy, Verizon

14.50 Presentation: What next for IoT Security – Self-assessment and beyond

Ian Smith, IOT Security Lead, GSMA

15.05 Panel Discussion: Where are the challenges with IoT

Moderator: Robert Heerekop, Consultant, IOTC360

Panelists include: 

Tony Anscombe, Global Security Evangelist, ESET

John Howie, Chief Privacy Officer, Huawei

Robert MacDougall, Head of Enterprise Public Policy, Vodafone

Nikolaos Isaris, Deputy Head of Unit, Future Networks – Internet of Things, DG Connect, European Commission