Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I register?  

Registration for this event is now closed

Is there a fee for registration? 

There is no fee for Mobile 360 Riyadh registration passes. Please note that the GSMA is subject to international trade sanctions restrictions. Sanctioned individuals and organizations will not be granted access.

Can I register on site? 

No. We no longer have registration facilities onsite and all attendees must be registered before they arrive. 

Can I register for more than one person? 

You can only register in full for your own pass. All attendees MUST log into their account and provide the mandatory personal information required. Attendees will be refused entry to the event if this information has not been provided, and verified before they arrive at the venue. 


All attendees will be required to have a Digital Badge. 

What is a Digital Badge? 

The Digital Badge will replace the printed badge that you would have received at previous events. It contains the same information as a badge and includes a QR code. It will be accessible from the registration system on the “Attendee Reg Home Page”. 

All attendees will need to show their Digital Badge on arrival at the venue perimeter. This can be displayed from a smartphone or smart device. Alternatively, a PDF badge that’s been printed out in colour can be shown. GSMA and the host partner may or may not offer badge printing facilities onsite.  

ID verification & vaccination status checks may be performed on arrival and at any time when re-entering the venue perimeter, if required by the local authorities in Saudi Arabia, the venue or the host partner. 


Do I require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia? 

All visitors, including pilgrims, need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.   

You can apply for a tourist visa online or on arrival at any of Saudi Arabia’s international airports, provided that you qualify and are eligible for this visa category. Please read the important information at  to understand whether this applies to you.  A tourist visa can be used for short business trips only; short business trips include meetings, short conferences, workshops and participations that do not require any kind of employment contract. If in doubt or you require more information, please contact the Saudi Arabia embassy in your country. 

If you’re traveling for any other purpose, you should apply for a visa through visa agencies accredited by Saudi Arabia in your country/location. 

Holders of all types of visas are required to have insurance to cover the costs of COVID-19 infection treatment during their stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Health and traveladvice issued by the local authorities should be regularly monitored, as this is a dynamic situation and rules related to COVID-19 are regularly changing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


Everyone who enters Saudi Arabia must be vaccinated with an approved vaccine. 


Vaccination registration  

All visitors must register their immunization data by filling out the Registration Immunization Information Form on the Muqeem Portal before travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Then they can use the Tawakkalna application on their phone while in Saudi Arabia, to show their vaccination status. 

Proof of vaccination status 

You must present proof that you have been fully vaccinated to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Visitors must either always have their vaccine certificates with them during their stay in the Kingdom or be able to prove their health status through the Tawakkalna application.

The application allows you to enter closed and busy areas, such as the event, restaurants, malls and all other attractions. Therefore, you are required to download the app and once arrived, you can activate it through the border number provided by the passport control officer. 

If you’re fully vaccinated 

If you’re fully vaccinated, you can enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without needing to quarantine. 

Find out if you qualify as fully vaccinated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Saudia’s Travel Guidelines and Requirements

Are there specific vaccines that are accepted?  

These are the approved vaccines:  

If you’re not fully vaccinated 

You must be fully vaccinated to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if aged 12 and over. 

Will entry be denied to those that are not vaccinated?  



Wearing a face mask in enclosed public places is mandatory. Masks will be mandatory to access the Venue. 

Are there any exceptions for mask wearing, i.e. medical related? 


Is mask wearing required for Speakers on stage?  

Speakers will not have to wear masks on stage only, and the seating will comply with the required social distance. 

Is mask wearing required during networking and/or refreshments? 

Masks are not required while eating. 

Health and travel advice issued by the local authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should be regularly monitored as this is a dynamic situation and rules related to COVID-19 are regularly changing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the local laws and customs. Important information can be found at