What is Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security?

Mobile 360– Privacy & Security explored the state of network security and data privacy today and examined best practices across a variety of industries. This event included a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, technology demonstrations and in-depth case studies that addressed the growing importance of privacy and security across the globe.

Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security was held in cooperation with our partners The Hague Security Delta and The Municipality of The Hague.

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Why is Privacy & Security Important to you?

There is no denying that mobile technology is deeply embedded into our lives. More and more industries are incorporating mobile into their business models and leveraging digital communications. While this improves efficiencies and can create competitive advantages, it also adds additional challenges to organisations to protect both themselves and their customers. If this aspect of the business is ignored or done poorly, the results can be catastrophic to the organisation.

Much focus has been placed on server integrity, Internet security, cloud protection and safe data exchange in the traditional business models. What is new and must be explored is the data flow through the mobile ecosystem, specifically mobile security and data privacy. M2M and IoT will continue to grow and new security threats will emerge. How are these data being shared across the value chain? How can organisations ensure their data are safe as it travels through the network? How should companies respond to security breaches? What are the new rules with regard to privacy? How should enterprises be protected in this increasingly connected world?

As a consumer and enterprise awareness grows and more importance is placed on digital trust, customer data privacy and management will become a source of competitive advantage and service creation. Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security will support the cultivation of the mobile-first commercial security and data protection communities.

Who Attended?

Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security is a global-reaching event spanning a number of industries running alongside mobile and digital technology.

216 attendees from 21 countries included but were not limited to the following:

  • 57% senior-level
  • 41 C-level/Owner

Top industries represented:

  • 20% Cyber Security/Controls/Data Security
  • 16% MNO’s
  • 12% Consultancy
  • 8% Finance/Banking/Insurance

Location & Date

Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security took place 23-24 May 2017 in The Hague, The Netherlands.  The event was held at Hilton The Hague. Stay tuned for details on our 2018 location and date.

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