GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Conference Overview

Conference Overview


In this digital age of the internet of things, our most precious commodities have changed. Business assets are no longer gold and steel, but data and connectivity.

We live in a world with over 8 billion connected devices. In the shift to our reliance on digital-physical systems, hosting a robust network that secures these connections and protects the tsunami of data constantly moving through it is business critical. Cybercrime is not just an IT problem. With over 3 million data records lost or stolen every day, the global cost of cybercrime is set to reach $2 trillion by 2019. Every company now needs to consolidate and review how to protect themselves in this zeitgeist shift. So that this fourth industrial revolution connects the whole world.

The tsunami of data that operators and other companies have now found themselves submerged in not only lends itself as an opportunity to build privacy into the design of the organisation, but also opens new opportunities to humanise this big data, and impact lives for social good around the world.

For the 2018 edition of Mobile 360 – Privacy & Security, we cut through the noise, bypass the hype and went straight to the questions that needed to be asked as to how operators can secure the technology in our society. We examined how putting security creatively at the forefront of your organisation and innovating to guard data privacy is not only crucial for survival, but is becoming a key service differentiator and protecting your bottom line.

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We welcomed our network of operators to join us at this gathering alongside the full stretch of the privacy and security landscape, from government & regulatory bodies to start-ups, IoT vendors to healthcare & biotech and hackers to data security.

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