Conference Overview

Mobile 360 – MENA identified and addressed key challenges and opportunities for the mobile ecosystem throughout Middle East and North Africa through a mix of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and in-depth case studies aimed at senior-level decision makers across the MENA region. Featuring a balanced agenda with perspectives from across the ecosystem (including operators, governments, brands and verticals), the event provided an invaluable opportunity for distinguished regional industry stakeholders from both developed and emerging markets to share their learnings and experiences.

Mobile is a transformative technology that has already had a significant economic and social impact upon the Arab States and beyond. Identifying and addressing the key challenges and opportunities applicable in all of these markets, high profile speakers presented on a brand new set of topics this year including regulatory modernisation, digital transformation, customer experience, social video networks, 5G, AI, cybersecurity, smart cities, connected cars, digital identity and the blockchain, financial inclusion and mobile-commerce, disaster response. This year, our event included a brand new North Africa Regional Focus session.

In October our thought-leadership conference brought ideas from different perspectives from a wide variety of players in the mobile ecosystem to demonstrate progress towards creating the connected society.

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Conference themes included:

  • Digital Transformation and Customer Experience
  • Policy: The case for dynamic governance and regulatory modernisation
  • Financial inclusion and e-commerce
  • Mobile for good in the MENA region: disaster response to humanitarian crises
  • Internet of Things: smart cities and connected cars
  • Cybersecurity: achieving greater resilience to protect companies and consumers
  • Future-proofing for 5G and exploring new revenue streams
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital identity and the blockchain