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These unique programmes are developed and presented by today’s industry visionaries and provide valuable knowledge about the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem.

Identity Summit

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Mobile digital identity solutions can help prevent fraud, provide a frictionless customer experience online and unlock revenue streams. With over 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide in 2019, cellular networks have the ubiquity needed to underpin identity services which can scale across borders – and operators have a unique set of tools to help create the trust needed to grow the digital economy.

Identity Summits at M360s will analyse how digital identity is playing a pivotal role in shaping the digital transformation. A pipeline of senior experts and high-level speakers will deep dive into key areas like digital identity applied to financial services, financial inclusion, risk scoring, decentralised identity, trust, government and collaboration across mobile operators and technology platforms. They will also discuss KYC for eSIM activation and fraud prevention with swim swap.

Join us to discover how mobile identity enables the digital world.