31 May and 1 June 2023

Mobile Private Network (MPN)

Mobile Private Network (MPN) is a customized mobile network designed to operate in a particular geographic region for a particular use case utilizing 5G cellular technology. An MPN is deployed for an enterprise customer’s exclusive use.

Accelerating Industry 4.0

Mobile Private Networks encourage security and local data control, helping enterprises innovate. 5G provides the best security and connectivity for mission-critical systems and applications in airports, industries, warehouses, and ports.

Enterprises in many industries utilize sensor data monitoring, facial recognition, augmented or virtual reality entertainment, robotics, self-driving or autonomously guided vehicles, and more (AGVs).

Deploy business impacting mobile private networks

We start by discovering the company’s business goals and designing the right fit solutions to meet them. Maximize ROI by selecting the best network equipment and vendor solutions to meet initial and long-term needs. 

Our extensive partner ecosystem includes industry-leading providers, start-ups, and solution designers with expertise in cloud, edge, network spectrum, and security, as well as a wide range of use cases.

Amdocs provides end-to-end private network capability. This includes the RAN, core, security, applications, deployment, and operations services.


Vendor agnostic with end-to-end accountability

Global, multi-domain expertise

Software automation for scalability

Flexible engagement commercial models

Vendor experience and partner ecosystem with single point of accountability for committed SLAs with proven private network deployment experience.

Global delivery and support organization of over 2000 engineers spanning systems integration, IT, cloud, RAN, core, transport, security, software and artificial intelligence (AI).

Deployment automation, private network console management, and AI-enabled operations enhances customer experience and improves operational efficiency.

Tailors network solutions with varying subscription and ownership models to fit business requirements.

Infographic – Private Networks for healthcare:

Delivering reliable connectivity, maximum security, and high capacity for the healthcare industry.


Coleman Parkes research reveals that MPNs are a “must-have product for CSPs

40% of CSPS area ready to leverage mobile private networks to seize the growing enterprise and industrial connectivity opportunities

Survey: Mobile private networks | AMDOCS