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Specialist in Solution Design and Integration and Multimedia Products. It is also specialized in multichannel payment. His knowledge of the sector allows him to clearly define the strategy of the company, its functioning, the organization and its positioning.

Mr. Samba SOW studied abroad in France and stayed in France for 12 years. He realized that the informal sector dominates the Senegalese economy and virtually in the sectors of activity or circulates a lot of cash, there are many frauds because the services are not automated. In this way, it chose to embark on entrepreneurship by developing service platforms for each sector of activity in order to give real-time visibility but also to automate the processes and manage the data that has become To-day the currency of tomorrow.

Mr. SOW has experience in project management, implementation of specifications, functional recipe and architecture of applications and platforms. It has been exactly 10 years that he manages a company in mobile technologies, from Toulouse with the company 2SMULTIMEDIA that he founded with partners until the creation of SUDPAY in 2014 in Senegal.

He piloted all the SUDPAY projects that led to the various service platforms in the transport sector, municipalities, schools and restaurants. All the missions in the field of digital financial services are led by Mr. Samba SOW. It ensures the functional recipe and the management of the specifications in order to better identify the customer needs and to provide an adequate service.