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Fredrik Soderlund

Fredrik Soderlund

Software and Systems Security Advisor




Fredrik is the System and Software Security Advisor at Symsoft/CLX and specializes on signalling, IoT and software security. As part of the CTO office he assists the product management team and also heads up the Symsoft research program into new vulnerabilities and defensive strategies. He is an experienced Product and Solution Designer who has worked on Telecom Security and Revenue Assurance solutions with several vendors and Telecom service providers. His main focus since 2010 has been on Telecom security and Firewalls both for SMS as well as Signalling Security. 


He has more than 20 years of experience in reverse engineering 30 years of experience as a programmer. Mainly focused on low level programming and design and development of optimized and tailored components for debugging, research and software analysis. He is listed twice in the GSMA Mobile Security Research Hall of Fame and has submitted accepted pieces of research to the GSMA coordinated disclosure program.