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Frank Mademann

Frank Mademann

Chief Standards Representative




Dr. Frank Mademann started his career with research and development on GSM circuit switched data services in 1991. This was also his initial work in ETSI SMG, which changed with the begin of standardization for GPRS. Since then he was involved in design and definition of all packet domain architectures and services that were specified by SMG and 3GPP. This includes GPRS from the very beginning as well as the packet domains of UMTS and LTE/SAE.

Frank has been working in the telecom and mobile industries for more than twenty years. He has been actively involved in the Architecture Working Group of 3GPP since 1999, where he is recognized as a key contributor to technical aspects of all packet domain architectures that were specified by SMG and 3GPP and also contributing to leadership and organizational matters. Having held earlier the position of a Vice Chair, he was the Chairman of 3GPP’s Architecture Working Group from 2015 until 2019.