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Dmitry Markov

Dmitry Markov::Дмитрий Марков

Director for Information Infrastructure


ANO “The Digital Economy”, Russia


He graduated from Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics with a degree in Communication Networks and Switching Systems.  

He has an MBA from the California State University East Bay.

He worked in various positions in telecommunication companies, where he went from an installer of low-current distribution systems to the technical director of CenterTelecom Service CJSC.  

He headed the department of construction and development of the network of Comstar-UTS OJSC, where he was responsible for the construction of all types of major construction projects and for the long-term capital investment program.

At PJSC GLONASS, he led the project on the formation of the state emergency response system for ERA-GLONASS, in 2014, taking the position of CEO of the company.

He participated in the development of the first virtual mobile telecom operator in Russia, the construction of data centers, the creation of the necessary legal and regulatory framework, the development of a navigation and information platform, and the project for the interaction of ERA-GLONASS with the European eCall system.

He participated in the creation of a logistics transport center in Sochi, used to manage all types of transport both during the construction of Olympic facilities and during the Olympics.