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Dhruv Gulati

Dhruv Gulati

Founder & CEO




Dhruv Ghulati is CEO and cofounder of Factmata, an AI startup developing community-driven, explainable algorithms to solve the problem of online misinformation and build a quality media ecosystem. Previously, Ghulati spent time at web mining startup Weave.ai developing technology to provide context to information passing through mobile applications, and import.io, which builds AI to automatically structure web data into APIs.


A Forbes 30 Under 30 leader in technology for Europe, Dhruv has built startups at Entrepreneur First and Techstars London. Having started his career in finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he transitioned into being a product leader, engineer and scientist in the space of artificial intelligence and data science.  Dhruv holds a 1st Class MSc in Computer Science from University College London, and a 1st Class BSc in Economics from the LSE.