Alistair Ewan Douglas - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Alistair Ewan Douglas

Alistair Ewan Douglas

Founder and Partner


Eachmile Technologies


Alistair Douglas has been at the intersection of research, trade, technology and innovation within seafood supply chains for 20 years. After completing his research in the qualities of sashimi grade tuna, he established companies in Japan, the United Kingdom and Singapore to import/export, process, store, auction and sell more than 500 products of frozen, chilled and live seafood from over 15 countries.

Through his studies as a marine scientist, Alistair is also passionate about sustainability and how technology can transform the industry from the fisher and fish farmer through to the consumer. His company Eachmile Technologies is behind the Fishcoin initiative that is implementing distributed ledger technologies, the Internet of Things, and tokenisation to incentivise the collection and sharing of data to improve the sustainability and profitability of seafood supply chains.