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Aad van Boven has an IT Oparation sbackground for 20+ years and has been working in Telecoms, Utilities and Healthcare. After several big mergers with Security-by-Design as the fundamental architecture the insight came that SMD companies should be able to defend themselves the same way as the cortporate environments.  The solution had to be simple, easy to install and affordable.  That was the basic idea of SecureMe2 which resulted in the SAM Cyber Alarm.  The startup went commercially live in April 2017 and now has more then 150 customers (from self-employed to 4000+ employee hospitals) and 350+ SAM Cyber Alarms in place.  Expanding into Europe in the second half of 2018.  SecureMe2 became the preferred Security Provider for a wordwide leader in a Cyber Security insurance company.  How were we able to achieve this in less then a year :  a good idea, agile management and finding the good partners.