Workshop Three: Securing the Signaling Core and the Mobile Edge - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Workshop Three: Securing the Signaling Core and the Mobile Edge


Date & Time

Thursday, 31 May

14:00 - 15:15


In 2017, the industry saw an unprecedented number of SS7 flaws made public, with massive issues exploited worldwide in the most advanced countries. The technology to avoid a repeat of this is available today.  


Security of mobile networks is a clear concern to mobile operators. With more than 2000 players (MNOs and MVNOs) interconnected worldwide for their mobile roaming services, vulnerabilities of the 40-years old SS7 signaling system have raised a lot of negative publicity and business concerns. Similar problems exist with Diameter as successor of SS7. With only the victim’s telephone number, you can intercept, track and disrupt communications, used for banking fraud and other criminal acts, and interconnect access to the SS7 and Diameter networks is easily obtainable nowadays.   This is scary for operators and your customers alike.  Further security opportunities are enabled by SDN & NFV platforms whereby the authentication is moving to distributed environments and Edge Computing as essential prerequisite to the rapid growth of the Internet of Things.


This workshop will discuss how operators can protect their SS7 and Diameter networks against these security weaknesses to protect their customers against todays and tomorrows attacks. In this workshop strategies will be discussed how operators can enable a virtuoso loop to Detect anomalies, Protect the service and Maintain high security standards along with the technology and industry evolution. In addition to the defensive approach, for which NetNumber took the initiative for standardization the guidelines in the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG), the speaker will address the operational aspects for provisioning the filtering rules with accurate data sets. 

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