Workshop 4: Securing the Supply Chain in 5G - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Workshop 4: Securing the Supply Chain in 5G


Date & Time

Thursday, 30 May

15:45 - 17:00


Mobile operators rely on numerous external suppliers to deliver 5G infrastructure, software, products and services. In turn operators’ customers, enterprise or consumer, rely on the operator provided services to manage and enable their lives and businesses. This represents a complex supply chain where downstream links inherit risks and vulnerabilities from suppliers if they are not properly mitigated, thus making the 5G supply chain increasingly attractive to attackers. Failure to manage the supply chain can result in erosion of brand and trust, regulatory action and major costs to the operator. This highlights the importance of managing the supply chain holistically and driving out or mitigating insecure elements. 2018 provided several examples of supply chain threats, including tampering with chipsets, vendors releasing devices in an insecure state, and government decisions impacting supply chain resilience. This session will highlight the importance of understanding how products are developed and introduced into the 5G ecosystem as well as how they are managed throughout their lifecycle.