Session 4: How Young People are changing the Face of Africa::Séance 4 : Comment la jeunesse incarne une nouvelle Afrique - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Session 4: How Young People are changing the Face of Africa


Date & Time

Tuesday, 16 Apr

16:05 - 17:20


Africa is a juxtaposition, the oldest continent and yet home to the youngest population on the planet. 60% of the entire continent’s population is below 25 years old; their roots sunk deep in a wealth of culture and tradition, and their wings spread strong for exploration and innovation. These are the leaders of tomorrow. But today it is our job to prepare them, teach them and tool them.


So what do we do? In a spikey panel discussion, we explore the rising start-up community and how to attract more investment; we look at digital literacy skills and the politically charged topic of job creation. Moreover, on a continent where in 11 countries women hold close to one-third of parliamentary seats, we explore how this degree of success in empowerment can be replicated and even surpassed across the STEM sectors. Warning: we will be talking about CHANGE.

Attend the Session if you are committed to creating an environment for youth to thrive in the digital age