Session 3: What we can do to stop Technology losing Societies Trust::Séance 3 : Comment éviter que la technologie ne perde la confiance de la société - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Session 3: What we can do to stop Technology losing Societies Trust


Date & Time

Tuesday, 16 Apr

14:10 - 15:25


Trust takes a lifetime to build and just one meme to destroy. We, the mobile ecosystem, need to discuss accountability, privacy and solutions. There are many ways to describe the dynamics between technology and society, but it is unanimously agreed that the relationship is under scrutiny; from combating fake news with fact checking, social media and elections, digital authentication integrations and blockchain for public services.


In this session, we take a different approach, we invite leaders from across the tech sphere to come and discuss the barriers they see to harmony between digital technology and society. Maybe it is a buzzword the industry needs to move on from, or a technology that we’ve outgrown, or a policy that limits development. Come join us as our speakers try to persuade the host and you the audience to consign those barriers to hypothetical oblivion for the good of Digital Technology and Society.

Attend the Session if you are committed to creating a responsible and secure ecosystem for the digital citizen