Made in Africa, part 1::Fait en Afrique, partie 1 - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Made in Africa, part 1


Date & Time

Wednesday, 17 Apr

09:30 - 11:00


Today there are more millennials and Gen Z in Africa than the entire population of North America. This powerful group is rewriting their own narrative, telling African stories in African languages and creating African solutions for African People.

In this brand new addition to the Mobile 360 West Africa agenda, we turn the spotlight on to the local solutions and initiatives that are changing the face of digital Africa. Join us as we look at the very best of the innovation spirit in Africa.

Because the future is Made in Africa.

Attend the Session if you want to champion local solutions created to build digital Africa.



09:30 – 09:50 Opening Address: Bridging the Digital Divide in West Africa
09:50 – 10:15 Banking
  Vince Kadar, CEO, Telepin Software
10:15 – 10:40 Connectivity
  Fargani Tambeayuk, Africa Public Policy Manager, Connectivity, Facebook
10:40 – 11:00 Smart Connectivity in Places You’ve Never Imagined
  Lare Atcha-Oubou, Regional Director, Intelsat

The potent combination of 5G, artificial intelligence, smart platforms and the Internet of Things will change the world.

For example, the rapidly developing set of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges that impact Africa and drive growth and development in core sectors:

  • Agriculture will be done more efficiently and effectively, raising yields.
  • Education: Intelligent connectivity can revolutionise how people learn and most importantly expand education to a wider community in Africa
  • Healthcare will be better tailored, higher quality, and more accessible, improving outcomes.
  • Public services will be more efficient and more responsive to citizens, enhancing impact.
  • Financial services will be more secure and reach more citizens who need them, expanding access.