LSIF - 4YFN Innovation & LATAM Innovation Forum::LSIF - Foro de Innovación de LATAM y 4YFN - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

LSIF – 4YFN Innovation & LATAM Innovation Forum

GSMA Latin America Meetings

Date & Time

Wednesday, 05 Jun

11:30 - 13:00



(10 min)

Welcome and introduction to innovation in LATAM                  

Lucas Jinkis and Julio Cazaban from Wasabi Ventures will give an overview of the current innovation and startup ecosystem in Latin America.

Presented by Wasabi Ventures

11:40 – 11:55

(15 min)


Ubiquitilink – The first cell tower in space.

Fireside chat with Ubiquitilink who are working to get everyone in the world connected, everywhere, with just the phone in their pocket


(40 min)

LatAm investment ecosystem: the growth continues…

Off the back of SoftBank’s monster $5bn startup fund and Coca-Cola and Arcor’s launch of Kamay Ventures, Latam investors with different profiles discuss their goals, challenges, and growth of the LatAm investor and startup ecosystem.  

Gaby Ruggeri – Kamay Ventures

Álvaro Rodríguez Arregui – IGNIA Partners

Ignacio Dodero – NXTP Corporate Partners

Vincent Speranza – Endeavor

Moderated by José Medina – Irrazonable Mexico


(15 min)


Innovation Through Collaboration: The AT&T Foundry

AT&T´s Innovation Center, the Foundry, in Latin America in Mexico City is leveraging the local talent to address the challenges facing emerging economies around the world. It is dedicated to the creation of technological solutions, including IoT, software and technology tests. They work with both small and large business … to reduce the time between inception and commercialisation.

 Arturo Barraza López . Director de innovación de Proyectos en AT&T, México

12:50 – 13:00

(10 min)


Innovation @ GSMA: supporting industry growth                                  

Overview of GSMA activities supporting operators and founders: among other GSMA 100, 4YFN, Global AI innovative, Ecosystem Accelerator. GSMA 100 Program is part of the GSMA’s innovation portfolio and aims to stimulate new value by connecting the world’s most promising growth stage companies who are creating the next generation of connectivity and digital services to mobile operator executives. Presented by Edward Barker, Senior Director of Industry Strategy & Jack Davidson Engagement Manager 4YFN