Keynote: A Vision for Blockchain in MENA - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Keynote: A Vision for Blockchain in MENA


Date & Time

Monday, 26 Nov

10:45 - 12:05


Originally designed for virtual currency transactions, blockchain provides a mechanism to apply decentralised consensus to an almost unlimited variety of applications. Any service which requires a method to systematically record an event could potentially utilise blockchain. With spending on blockchain solutions in the Middle East and Africa forecast to more than double this year (IDC, 2018), many forward-thinking organisations in the MENA region have already made bold commitments.  For example, the Smart Dubai Office has announced plans to make Dubai the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020 and has launched ‘Dubai Now’, a single platform for accessing more than 50 smart services from the government and private sector. For mobile operators, blockchain could potentially optimise the recording of billing and roaming data, money transfers, service provisioning, authentication, identity management and more. In this extremely exciting session, high profile speakers will share their vision and outline why they are backing blockchain in the MENA region.