Financial Inclusion and Mobile Money::Inclusión financiera y dinero móvil - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Financial Inclusion and Mobile Money


Date & Time

Tuesday, 31 Oct

12:00 - 13:15


The rise of mobile money has generated important gains in financial inclusion. Ten years on from the launch of M-Pesa, mobile money has enabled access to financial services to millions of previously unbanked people globally. These services allow people to manage their money and make financial transactions efficiently and securely, as well as providing substantial social and economic benefits.

However, approximately half of all adults in Latin America today remain unbanked and continued work with mobile operators and industry stakeholders is needed to create a sustainable mobile money ecosystem and promote greater financial inclusion.

The mobile money market in Latin American is still relatively nascent and continued progress has been made over the past five years. This panel aims to discuss the advances on regulatory and commercial environments which are helping mobile money deployments to achieve sustainability and ultimately continuing to expand their product offerings for customers.