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Kevin Xu

Kevin Xu

Head of Marketing Operations


Huawei Wireless Network


Kevin Xu is Head of Marketing Operations, Huawei Wireless Network. Mr. Xu leads marketing strategy and operations, program development and execution, new product launches and regional business development across Huawei Wireless products and solutions.

Previously, Mr. Xu worked for various Huawei regional offices, gaining extensive knowledge of global markets. Between 2012 and 2017, he held senior positions in Huawei’s North Africa region and Middle East region, where he served as Chief Wireless Engineer and Vice President of Products. During this time, he was responsible for product strategies and solutions design for significant projects.

Mr. Xu joined Huawei in 2006 as the Branding Director of Huawei Wireless Product Line. In this role he led brand management and operations across Huawei’s Wireless products.

Prior to joining Huawei, Mr. Kevin worked for multiple telecommunication operators including China Mobile.