The Artificial Intelligence Revolution - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution


Fecha y Hora

Tuesday, 10 Oct

15:00 - 15:45


AI intelligence offers the capability to transform society on the scale of the industrial, technical, and digital revolutions that preceded it. Machines that can sense, reason, and act will deliver solutions in a myriad of fields, including science, finance, medicine and education, augmenting the limits of human capability. Fed by a deluge of data, AI is at the heart of much of today’s technical innovation and consequently, an ecosystem of AI-focused companies is emerging, comprising both established firms and start-ups and attracting $2.3 billion in venture capital last year. With its young, digitally savvy population, the Middle East region could prove to be to be one of the early beneficiaries of AI.  In October 2016, the Smart Dubai Government launched “Saad”, the city’s first government service utilising AI, powered by IBM Watson, which has been trained to answer questions and inquiries about business licensing and registration. Moreover, a recent survey conducted by accounting firm PwC revealed that two-thirds of people in the Middle East are willing to replace human doctors with AI and robots. This cutting-edge session will showcase some of the most exciting regional developments in this field.