Eurasia Conference Presentations


Download the Conference Presentations

Industry experts led influential discussions at the conference with great impact and high value. The conference presentations are now available for download.

Day 1 – Monday 7 October 2019

Workshop on ‘5G Strategy: Learning from the CTOs’ – Hosted by Huawei in partnership with GSMA

Day 2 – Tuesday 8 October 2019

Investing in the Digital Future: 5G and IoT Infrastructure Models

Cybersecurity and Identity in the Digital Economy

The Operator’s Expanding Role in E-Commerce, FinTech and Entertainment

Innovation in Emerging Technologies and Services

Day 3 – Wednesday 9 October 2019

Predictions Panel: Artificial Intelligence – What will happen in 2020?

Smart Sensing Cities and Interconnected Mobility in the Era of 5G – Session Powered by Open Innovations Forum

VISA Forum