VISA Forum: Payment instruments today for MNOs::VISA Форум: Платежные инструменты для мобильных операторов в наши дни - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

VISA Форум: Платежные инструменты для мобильных операторов в наши дни


Дата и время

Wednesday, 09 Oct

09:00 - 10:00


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The Future of Payments in MNO Forum will focus on exploring synergetic opportunities to revenue growth and client acquisition/attrition improvement. Since MNOs are becoming increasingly crucial to people’s ability to make payments, we need to adapt to make the most of this growing sector of the digital economy.


Module 1 will evaluate where we are now, and what tools the MNOs are using. Do consumers really value combined card and mobile bundles? What is driving (or indeed inhibiting) growth in the market, and therefore revenue? What can we do to drive this further, what tools do we have at our disposal?


09:00 – 09:10 Intro Speech

Eugene Zelenyi, Director Strategic Partnerships and Fintech, Visa


09:10 – 10:00 Panel Discussion

Evgeniy Levlev, Director of Financial Services MegaFon & Head of MegaFon Bank

Mikhail Evdokimov, Head of Product, MGCOM

Olga Voloschuk, Head of the operational and financial division, A1

Dmitry Prokofiev, Head of Department of Banking Product and New Payment Services, Beeline