Smart Sensing Cities and Interconnected Mobility in the Era of 5G – Session Powered by Open Innovations Forum::Умные города и подключенный транспорт в эру 5G – сессия от Форума Открытые Инновации - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Умные города и подключенный транспорт в эру 5G – сессия от Форума Открытые Инновации


Дата и время

Wednesday, 09 Oct

13:30 - 14:30


The humanity lives in the era of smart connectivity. Cities are actively implementing cutting-edge tech solutions. IoT, machine learning and 5G together with smooth connectivity technologies are turning vehicles into gadgets, deeply and thoroughly integrated into bigger eco-systems of smart houses, smart environment. New markets of on-board media – for users being carried by driverless cars – emerge. On the other hand, smart interconnected mobility means not only friendly user-interface – useful car, but as well safe and affordable car. How do the manufacturers see the future of connected mobility and how city infrastructure shall change to be more resilient, how 5G can help to turn high-speed network into smart sensing ecosystem backbone? Smart connectivity in the city opens vast opportunities as well for shared mobility services, bringing to life shared economy concept.


Moderator: Pavel Vlasov, Head of Acceleration, IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation


Vladimir Valkovich, Deputy Head, Central Scientific and Research Center “Wireless Communications and the Internet of Things / 5G”, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Valentin Ryzhykov, Director, Service Providers Sales, at Cisco Russia & CIS

Alexey Sapunov, SVP, Infrastructure, Rostelecom

Valery Shorzhin, Vice President for Cloud & Digital Solutions, MTS

Nikita Pankratov, Business Development Director, Orange Business Services Russia and the CIS, Orange