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Инновации в сфере перспективных технологий и услуг


Дата и время

Tuesday, 08 Oct

15:45 - 17:45


Today, the future predicted by fiction writers and blockbuster movies is not far from the truth; satellite mega-constellations are about to launch, self-driving cars are on the road, robotics are powering smart cities and businesses across all verticals are seeing the birth of internal AI divisions. The spirit of innovation is captured across Eurasia. Russia has had record years in funding AI start-ups, locally and globally. In 2017 approximately $1.5 billion was invested through 260 deals, which was more than the previous three years combined (GSMA Intelligence). Eurasia has ambitions of becoming a global pioneer in blockchain, and these ambitions are being realised through the imminent launch of CryptoRuble in Russia. These are the foundations of the new digital economy that are emerging from the region. Join us for this fearless session as we navigate through the innovations that are redefining services today and explore what technological revolutions, driven by big data and AI we can foresee to shape the physical and cyber landscapes of Eurasia.