Cybersecurity and Identity in the Digital Economy::Кибербезопасность и идентификация в Цифровой экономике - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Кибербезопасность и идентификация в Цифровой экономике


Дата и время

Tuesday, 08 Oct

11:15 - 12:45


According to InfoWatch, confidential information breaches in Russia increased by 80% in 2017. Globally, the mobile telecommunications industry is under significant threat and increased attention from legislators, media and consumers is amplifying the public scrutiny of security. 5G standards outline standardised security architecture that offers controls surpassing those of previous generations, yet the threat posed by cyberattacks is only increasing as the industry diversifies its services. It follows that with so many more connected devices, the attack surface will be exponentially higher and correspondingly, the need for virtualisation and machine learning will become more imperative. Across all economies, there is a need for governments, private sector players and mobile operators to support a digital identity framework that is designed with privacy and security safeguards to gain citizens’ trust and ensure that data flows are not unduly impaired or compromised. This session will explore how operators in Eurasia can navigate the changing security threat landscape and construct successful digital identity frameworks as they move into the 5G era.