GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Impact of mobile in Eurasia: Spectrum Policies for the Long Term

Impact of mobile in Eurasia: Spectrum Policies for the Long Term


Date: 9 October 2019
Time: 13:30 – 17:00

In collaboration with the ITU and RCC, this session will bring together governments, spectrum experts, and industry stakeholders to examine the impact mobile is having and what the future will bring, especially in a WRC year.

Mobile is one of the most far-reaching technologies in history and the evolution to 5G is the next essential step to no one being left behind in the digital revolution. With the most fundamental element of that connectivity being spectrum, how to manage that resource to gain the most for the millions of citizens across this region is the focus on this session.

You will hear updates on the ‘coverage’ bands, the challenges on spectrum auctions and pricing of spectrum as well as the opportunities that 5G will bring.

Indicate your interest in attending by contacting us.

Indicate your interest in attending

Building the foundation for the future of mobile

Our mission is facilitate access to high-speed, high-quality mobile broadband services to connect everyone and everything to a better future. We work with operators, regulators and international organisations to advocate for timely, affordable and fair access to a sufficient amount of spectrum. Without well-organised spectrum auctions and appropriate pricing structures, none of the socio-economic benefits mobile networks so abundantly offer would be possible. But we are heralding in a new future – 5G. Mobile will play a pivotal role in delivering new and innovative services. For that to be successful, mmWave spectrum will be essential. Join us on 9 October from 13:30-17:00 to hear the successes, or lack-thereof, that policies are having on 5G.

Programme Activities

Spectrum is a finite resource essential for so many vital communications services, but it holds no value until it is fuelled by investment from mobile operators, which ultimately creates valued services for all citizens. Simply put, the speed, coverage and cost of mobile services are directly impacted by government and regulator decisions. From this point of view, 2019 is particularly important. Later this year, the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) will decide whether the mobile ecosystem gets access to spectrum needed to make the most of opportunities afforded by 5G. To navigate this event and other important topics such as spectrum pricing, the GSMA offers wealth of knowledge and collateral.

Effective Spectrum Pricing

The issue of getting spectrum pricing right has never been more vital. Additional spectrum is central to expanding and upgrading mobile broadband services. The success of 4G and 5G depends on it. The GSMA’s spectrum team has along with GSMA Intelligence and NERA Economic Consulting done extensive analysis linking excessive spectrum prices with lower quality mobile services and higher prices.

Auction Best Practice

Successful spectrum auctions are key to high-quality connectivity. Given spectrum is a critical, and scarce, natural resource, and the amount allocated for mobile use is relatively small, the challenge is how to choose the applicant who would use it most efficiently to deliver the greatest socio-economic benefits. GSMA has put forward 10 global key policy positions on how to ensure auctions deliver on those benefits.

And read the blog post on the good, the bad and the ugly on spectrum auctions!

The GSMA 5G Spectrum Guide

To help navigate spectrum needs for next-generation mobile networks, this 5G spectrum guide collects relevant reports, infographics and positions from the GSMA. From coverage spectrum to millimetre waves, it is all needed to make most of this new technology. It also looks at the socio-economic benefits of making spectrum available for 5G across continents and industries.

The GSMA WRC Series

5G needs a significant amount of new harmonised mobile spectrum. Whether that is made available not is in part dependent on the decisions made at WRC-19. The GSMA WRC series includes collateral to help governments and regulators take part in the preparatory process and the event. For anyone who isn’t familiar how this process works, there is also an introductory guide.