GSMA Mobile 360 Series - IMEI Blacklisting

IMEI Blacklisting

For many years, the GSMA has led industry initiatives to block stolen mobile devices, based on a shared database of devices that are reported lost or stolen.

Using the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI), the GSMA maintains a central list — known as the GSMA Black List— of all devices that have been reported lost or stolen. This list is available to other network operators around the world to ensure those devices are denied network access.

In today’s global market, multi-network and cross-border blocking of stolen devices is essential, as is sharing the data with vetted third parties including governments and law enforcement agencies to stay ahead of the criminals.

For little effort, operators can download the list to ‘see’ the stolen device IMEIs. When they identify blacklisted IMEIs on their networks they can chose to ‘block’ them; thus criminals cannot benefit from stealing a device in one market and recycling it elsewhere.

In the growing second-hand device markets, where no firm wants to be involved in handling stolen goods, the GSMA look-up service sends a strong ‘no buy’ signal to traders, including operators. This also means consumers are protected, together with those in the law enforcement, recycling and insurance sectors.

There is significant customer protection and reputational enhancement to be gained by tackling device crime. Let the GSMA share with you the very latest global best practise in mobile device theft prevention and IMEI blacklisting services.