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Growth in 5G coverage and capacity means mobile data traffic is now set to almost triple over the next five years across Europe, generating economic benefits of over €150 billion. ​

Mobile technology continues to be a catalyst for growth and powered by 5G advancements, the region is enabling service innovation and growing new opportunities across sectors. Collaboration and sustainable development across the region will continue to unlock new demands and innovations, and only by investing in generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies, Eurasia can unlock the full potential of the digital age.​


Next Generation Networks​

Digitalisation​ of everything

Role of generative AI

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Conference & Partner Programmes 
M360 Eurasia 2024 Opening Keynote:  The Power of Digital  Strategies for unlocking true potential of connectivity to the benefit of all Mobilizing for Greener Future  Breathing new life into climate commitments in the build-up to COP29 
Entering the Era of AI  Navigating the ubiquitous influence of GenAI across the digital world Our Digital DNA: Skills of Tomorrow  Cross-sector collaboration to empower the workforce for the digital-first future   
Redefining Connectivity:  Future-Ready Networks Architecture  Examining the breakthroughs in telco architecture for the ultra-connected world   Leveraging Cloud and Edge AI for Mobile   Exploring the fusion of cloud and edge AI to revolutionize telecom services 
Telcos as the Catalysts of Industry Transformation  Unveiling how telcos drive industry digitization and collective growth through innovative B2B connectivity solutions Fintech on the Wave of Digital Innovation   Discovering digital innovations for finance, enhancing security, and enabling seamless financial services  

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