GSMA Mobile 360 Series - 2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights

#M360DS Event Highlights

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies 2018 has brought together over 500 professionals from 22 countries & territories to examine how secure digital identities aid the development of connected communities across Asia. Thought leaders from the mobile ecosystem, government, solution providers and associated vertical markets gathered in Bangkok to discuss how digital transformation is impacting societies and changing lives across the region. The three-day event comprised of a two-day conference and the final day of closed-door meetings and workshops.

Session topics included:

  • Digital identity as a platform
  • Mobile/digital money and cashless societies
  • Data management and privacy
  • Reaping the benefits of a digital society
  • Crossing borders and international digital society development
  • An accessible digital society for all
  • Digital society and local culture
  • Citizen engagement in a digital society
  • Progress towards a digital society – case studies

Side Meetings

In addition to the two-day conference, there were four side meetings on the final day covering topics of 5G, AI, Blockchain, Cross-border Data Flows, IoT, etc.

  • Capacity Building Taster Sessions: 5G – The Path to the New Generation
  • Cross-border Data Flows Roundtable: Protecting Data and Driving Innovation
  • Mobile Connect Workshop: Enhancing the Commercial Opportunity
  • Transforming into Digital Societies with IoT, AI, Blockchain

Exclusive 5G Executive Summit

Ericsson and its partners have presented an engaging & interactive workshop to share the latest developments on the road to 5G, the revenue potential 5G brings to operators and enterprises through industry digitalization, 5G use cases & consumer success factors, global 5G momentum and launch expectations, as well as the critical role that 5G and IoT will play in driving transformation and the digitalization of societies all over the world.

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