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Mobile 360 – Digital Societies comes at a time when our virtual and physical worlds are intersecting and the ability to authenticate an individual’s identity is the cornerstone of every virtual transaction. The direction the industry takes will have far reaching implications. This event is designed to convene key government and industry leaders to collaborate in order to capitalise on new innovations and technologies to drive true socio-economic growth across the region, improving lives and supporting sustainable businesses.

Digital Identities

Under the theme Digital Identities, the core conversations address the need for secure, manageable identities and responsible use of personal data within an increasingly connected world. This includes discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and policy and regulations associated with the digital transformation in APAC while addressing the critical questions for the region: what does digitisation across developed and emerging markets actually mean for governments, business, and consumers? How do cross-border data flows, cashless societies, public/private opportunities and authentication play out across the region? And what role will mobile play within this shift?

The event format boasts a two-day thought leadership conference, organised by GSMA with support from regional government ministries, and includes keynote presentations, fireside chats, and in-depth discussions. The final day is comprised of closed-door meetings and workshops.