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What is a Digital Society?

GSMA Intelligence defines a digital society as a society with:

  • Interaction between governments, businesses and citizens via digital technologies
  • Social and economic benefits around efficiency and productivity gains
  • Improved wellbeing and living standards of citizens

It is clear the benefits digital technologies can bring to communities are vast and varied, impacting a range of industries and services. Across the diverse Asian region, there are many different types of digital societies – from emerging populations in Bangladesh and Pakistan to the advanced markets in Japan and South Korea.

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies examined the components of a successful digital society, and analysed what can be done to progress economies towards this goal. Focusing on the digital platforms enabling new and innovative services, the event focused on the key metrics defining a digital society: digital citizenship, digital commerce, digital identity, digital lifestyle and connectivity, and how developments in these key areas can lead to gains for society as a whole.

Our line-up of industry-leading speakers shined a light on APAC innovation like never before, examining how developments in these core areas are powering digital transformation across the region. In addition to the keynotes, the series of in-depth workshops allowed a deeper dive into the industry’s most complex challenges.

Who Attended?

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies attracted over 1,250 senior executives from across the APAC region.

The three-day conference convened government ministries, regulatory bodies, mobile network operators, academia, start-ups, and representatives from outside the digital ecosystem including transport, logistics, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more to discuss digital transformation across APAC.

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