GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Start-up Showcase

Start-up Showcase


Start-ups at Mobile 360 – Digital Societies 2018

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies examines how digital communities are evolving in APAC. Digitisation provides far reaching benefits to many different industries; delivering new services, streamlining processes and powering communities. Start-ups play a crucial role in digital transformation, accelerating economies and bringing innovative new services to consumers. That’s why innovative start-ups are essential at this year’s Mobile 360 – Digital Societies event.

We organized a start-up zone in the exhibition, where the most promising digital start-ups in APAC demonstrated their solutions. Further to this, we selected the most exciting start-ups and put them centre stage! The chosen companies received a free speaking slot on our programme as part of our “Start-up Ignite” feature, shining a light on up and coming innovation like never before.