GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Cross-Border Data Flows Roundtable

Cross-Border Data Flows Roundtable

Cross-Border Data Flows Roundtable

Cross-Border Data Flows Roundtable:
Protecting Data and Driving Innovation


According to McKinsey research, international data flows have increased global GDP by 10.1 per cent over the past decade. Both ASEAN and APEC have officially recognised in their privacy frameworks the vital contribution that cross-border data flows make to trade and economic growth in their region. Despite this, there are varying applications of national privacy laws in ASEAN and APEC member countries, and no real regional standards for sharing and protecting citizens’ personal data. Now is the time to consider Asia’s privacy frameworks – at both the regional and national levels – and explore how we can support greater alignment of these frameworks across the region, while meeting the growing challenges facing ASEAN and APEC regulators.

Following on from the main conference session on cross-border data flows and the launch of the GSMA’s new report* on this topic, this invite-only roundtable will bring together senior government and industry stakeholders to delve further into these issues. It will provide a platform for ICT policymakers and regulators, data protection authorities and mobile industry leaders to explore common challenges, share best practice and discuss potential paths forward for a pan-Asian approach to data privacy.

*The GSMA’s new report, Regional Privacy Frameworks and Cross-Border Data Flows: How ASEAN and APEC can Protect Data and Drive Innovation, will be launched at the main conference on Thursday 6 September.

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