GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Capacity Building

Capacity Building


Capacity Building Taster Session:
5G — The Path to the Next Generation

Capacity Building

The Capacity Building programme’s in-depth training courses highlight real-world examples of policy and regulatory best practice, and are designed specifically to help policymakers and regulators tackle today’s most pressing issues.

This taster session provided a two hour introduction to the newest available course: 5G — The Path to the Next Generation:

The mobile industry is preparing to embark on the transition to fifth generation (5G) technology, which will build on the achievements of 4G while also creating new opportunities for innovation. 5G will usher in a new era that will see connectivity become increasingly fluid and flexible.

The full course covers the key aspects of 5G technology and examines the role governments and regulators can play in helping unlock the benefits of future 5G services for their citizens.

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