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Platforms for the Digital Economy

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies focuses on the five pillars of a successful digital society: digital commerce, digital identity, digital citizenship, connectivity and digital lifestyle. Experts from industry and government convene to examine how technical innovations and government frameworks are supporting the development of the five pillars in APAC and accelerating digital progression across the region.

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Meet Senior Tech Leaders

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies attracts senior experts from across the technology ecosystem and government. This unique mix convenes mobile operators, service providers, government and digital transformation experts from associated vertical industries.

Mobile 360 – Digital Societies examines each of the five pillars in turn, shining a light on regional innovations and successful government policy and strategy driving progression.

Digital Citizenship: Interaction between government, businesses and citizens specifically in the provision and use of public services over digital channels

Digital Lifestyle: Use of smart devices to access locally relevant content and non-core communication solutions that offer a more convenient experience

Digital Commerce: Simplifies a commerce activity by expanding access to marketplaces, replacing physical cash, and facilitating the processing and delivery of orders over digital channels

Digital Identity: Secure digital identities give consumers and businesses trust; increasing security, limiting fraud and enable digital services to thrive

Connectivity: Fast, reliable and continuous individual access to the internet is the foundation for the creation, distribution and consumption of digital applications and services

Innovations from Leading Digital Companies

Meet the innovative companies driving tomorrow’s connected communities. The Innovation Showcase allows leading companies to present their attention-worthy ideas and technology that are contributing to the five pillars.

World-Class Discussion

The conference features high-profile speakers who discuss their vision for digital platforms shaping Asia-Pacific and how we must embrace new technology to ensure progress is being made.

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Join experts from the digital industry and government from across APAC for discussions on the five key pillars of a successful digital society. Mobile 360 – Digital Societies takes place on 24-26 September 2019 at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Passes to attend are complimentary.

Register now with pre-approval code: SHANGHAI19

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