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Samo Onyemelukwe

Samo Onyemelukwe

Head of Anglophone Africa


Trace TV


Mr. Sam Onyemelukwe is a Nigerian and American born in Nigeria and raised globally. He emerged from a creative background, beginning his career in production at Walt Disney in Burbank, California after graduating with a B.A. in Fine Arts from University of Southern California.


Mr. Onyemelukwe has worked in media and entertainment internationally, as well as in Nigeria and across Africa. In 2009 he joined Viacom Media as MTV Network, Business Development Manager, Nigeria where he created campaigns for the likes of LG, Coca Cola, and Cadbury’s Buttermint brand among many others. In 2011 he started Venator Partners and was the sole representative for Trace in the region until the company’s assets were acquired by Trace and he became a shareholder in Trace Group and Managing Director of Trace Anglophone West Africa.


Sam is widely recognised as an expert in media and entertainment on The Continent and he speaks broadly on topics affecting African youth.