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Pieter Veenstra

Pieter Veenstra

Senior Manager Product Development: Security and Routing




After nearly 30 years of Telco experience at KPN (the leading operator in The Netherlands for Voice/Mobile/TV/Internet services), Pieter joined NetNumber in 2014 to stay at the forefront of the newest technology developments.


In his new role as Senior Manager Product Development at NetNumber, Pieter is now working on the Multi-Protocol Signaling Firewall solution and other security services on the carrier grade TITAN platform, and building the partner program surrounding these. Begin 2016 he also started his editor role in the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) for the definition of Signaling Firewall requirements for SS7 (FS.11) and Diameter (FS.19) to enhance the protection of international roaming traffic between mobile networks worldwide. And based on his extensive background in KPN, Pieter is also actively involved in new use case definitions and core network simplification programs with customers together with establishing new partnerships based on the TITAN Centralized Signaling, Routing and Control (CSRC) paradigm.


During his career at KPN, Pieter held a wide range of key positions as technology expert of SS7, IMS and IPX networks. He also assisted the KPN Board as enterprise architect. For many years, Pieter represented KPN in standardisation of SS7, IMS and IPX in ETSI, ITU and 3GPP. From 2003 onward Pieter is guest lecturer at the leading Technical University of Delft. Pieter holds multiple SS7 and IMS patents.