Mahmoud Sahmoud - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

Mahmoud Sahmoud

Mahmoud Sahmoud

Business Development Manager




Mahmoud Sahmoud is leading the Business Development team in Africa. During his ten years at IrisGuard, he played an instrumental role in the design and delivery of IrisGuard’s EyeCloud and EyeBank Iris Identity Platforms, to facilitate financial inclusion to refugees and unbanked communities.

Utilizing his Engineering background he managed the deployment of IrisGuard’s technology in various Humanitarian, Banking and National ID verticals.

His experience prior to IrisGuard in Telecoms aligns with IrisGuard’s strategy to partner with Mobile Operators to facilitate financial inclusion through Mobile Money, Mobile Lending and EKYC.

Mahmoud managed the first-ever EyeBank platform deployment into Banking Channels, ATMs and Tellers, for Cairo Amman Bank customers.