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Carole Attoungbre

Carole Attoungbre

Country Director




Carole ATTOUNGBRE leads Eneza Education, a social enterprise which aims to promote access to quality education leveraging on mobile technology. Initially based in Kenya and then in Ghana, Eneza Education has expanded to Côte d’Ivoire a year ago to pursue its goal of making 50 millions African youth smarter. With almost 5 millions learners registered, Eneza’s platform is a comprehensive virtual tutor, that provides universal access to affordable and quality learning. In Côte d’Ivoire, the product “iEduk” is accessible by SMS at a low fee ($0.1/day) deductible from the airtime and allows students from primary and secondary school to revise their lessons and take quizzes, with a content based on the local curriculum and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Carole has led the set up of the company in Côte d’Ivoire and runs on behalf of the company projects enabling children living in rural areas to improve their literacy level and school performance as a mean to escape child labor and poverty.

Former strategy consultant, Carole has spent four years advising private and public institutions in a dozen african countries before joining Eneza Education, that led her to realize the gap to be filled in in terms of human capital to unleash Africa’s development (thus the need of training and quality education); hence her commitment to promote education.