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Women For Tech Leaders Reception – Apply to attend


Date & Time

Tuesday, 24 Sep

17:30 - 19:30


Level 4 - Bintang 6


The benefits of gender diversity in the tech industry

It is hardly news that there is a persistent gender gap in the tech industry. The 2016 World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs” report indicated that in the mobility sector, only 19% of employees were women and in the ICT sector overall, women comprised 24% of the workforce.


What is now being disclosed and analyzed is that gender inequality is not only bad for women; it is also bad for business. Organisations with a diverse workforce deliver better results than those that do not encourage diversity. According to Credit Suisse (2016), companies where women make up more than 15% of the executive team have been 50% more profitable than companies where women make up less than 10%. UN and McKinsey’s findings reveal similar trends: firms with diversity at senior management levels perform better in all dimensions of organisational effectiveness.


Bridging the gender gap in the tech industry is not easy. A gender diverse workforce is not only achieved through hiring more women, it requires office environments where women feel welcome and respected, and that is a matter of culture and education. In order to create gender parity and diversity, we need a multidimensional approach that includes:


  • Education and public policies that promote gender equality
  • Business organisations that create the right environment and promote a culture that does not penalise women
  • Women learning to believe in themselves and be more assertive.




17:30 – 17:35

Welcome Remarks

Louise Easterbrook, CFO, GSMA

17:35 – 18:05

Preparing women for digital societies and the industrial revolution 4.0

Keynote Speakers:

Surina Shukri, CEO, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

Alexandra Reich, CEO, DTAC Thailand

18:05 – 18:35

Women Matter to the Bottom Line – yet we are not there.

(Discussion Panel)

Women into management positions help companies make more money. According to McKinsey, in Asia companies in the top quartile for representation of women on executive committees outperform their peers by 44% on return on equity. Index provider MSCI found that out of 617 of the world’s largest companies, average employee productivity growth and dividend pay-outs were higher at companies with three or more women at board level (rather that one or none). Goldman Sachs estimates that closing the gender gap in Japan would add 13% to GDP (see Economist Corporate Network, Demographics, Diversity and Corporate Destiny, 2019). And yet, we are not there. We discuss with women leaders their perception about the contribution of women to the bottom line, the reasons why we are not there yet, and what can be done to get there. What advice will women in a leadership position give to the women of the next generation? What would they do differently if they had their time again?


Emanuela Lecchi, Head of Public Policy, APAC, GSMA


Tenzin Norbhu, Head of Access and Connectivity, Facebook

Claire Featherstone, Head of Business Solutions, Enterprise, Maxis

Jasmine Lee, CMO, U-Mobile

Yessie Yosetya, CTO/CIO, XL Axiata

18:35 – 19:05

Women’s role in digital societies: Expectations, Challenges and Opportunities (Discussion panel)

The role of women in contributing to the nation’s development is expected to increase and the expansion of women’s role in the tech industry is in line with developments in digital economy. Do we have the adequate policies in Malaysia to ensure this development runs on track? What roles do government agencies and the private sector play in ensuring a fair workplace and business climate for women? What are the competitive advantages for women in helming leadership roles today?


Jeanette Whyte, Senior Public Policy Manager, GSMA APAC


Ir Kumari Nalini, Director, Engineering and Technology, edotco

Jeannie Ong, Executive Consultant

Monica Tsai , Head of Telco Partnerships APAC, Google

Mirela Juravla, Head of Business Development APAC IoT Mindsphere, Siemens

19:05 – 19:30

Networking drinks


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