APAC IoT Innovation Summit - Afternoon Session One - GSMA Mobile 360 Series

APAC IoT Innovation Summit – Afternoon Session One


Date & Time

Thursday, 26 Sep

13:30 - 15:30



In last MWC Barcelona on Feb 2019, GSMA announced 110 Mobile IoT (NB-IoT/LTE-M) networks deployed worldwide and 37 are coming from Asia Pacific across 15 countries. Global cellular LPWA network connections were primarily driven by APAC that accounts for nearly 97% of all NB-IoT. These Mobile IoT technologies already merged into 5G standards that further empower low latency, massive IoT and large bandwidth.

With these new technologies, innovators, enterprise and government can accelerate the digital transformation and progress toward the digital societies. It could be enable new business models, new business processes, increase business efficiency, greater innovation and drive improved visibility across an organization.

Welcome to attend the summit

  • Learn the latest Mobile IoT development and deployment from mobile operators
  • Understand how industries adopt the technologies and get the compelling benefits
  • Get insights from the regional IoT innovators and ecosystem
  • Receive first-hand information from the 5G pioneer
  • Leverage the great opportunities on networking, collaboration and partnership
  • Visit the IoT Expo (Connected APAC with innovator to show case)

About GSMA IoT work, please refer to GSMA IoT Programme and APAC IoT Partnership programme, contact Terence Wong twong@gsma.com 



Session 3: IoT capability beyond connectivity

Connected Car Insurance

Connected vehicles have been in the market for nearly half a decade, empower innovation services and business model. Connected insurance for vehicles makes it convenient for policyholders, with the most up to date cars, pay rates that are directly related to how people drive and get rewarded for driving safely.




· AIS & Thaivivat Insurance Company, Thailand








Session 4: IoT Innovation and ecosystem collaboration (each 12 min)

·       Use robotic drone for asset and smart building monitoring, and adopting 5G technology  


·       E2E IoT solution supplier on SMARTernak: An Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence-powered Cattle-Farm Assistant Platform


·       Industrial IoT solution with sensors, platform and application to enhance manufacturing efficiency


·       Malaysia innovation             


· Ong Jiin Joo, CTO, Garuda Robotics Singapore


· Andri Yadi, CEO, DycodeX, Indonesia


· Nguyen Vinh Loc, Founder & CEO, Daviteq, Vietnam


· Innovator, Malaysia


Session 5: Panel on Fostering IoT Ecosystem:

MNO, private and public sector form IoT association, partnership programme, alliance that are working very hard to drive the innovation. They arrange different workshop, challenge, provide development kits, sandbox or facilitates in IoT innovation lab, offer consultancy services and funding support. Is it enough? What else could we accelerate and address the opportunities in APAC?



· Terence Wong, Heading APAC IoT Partnership Programme as  moderator

· MCMC, Malaysia

· James  Lai, Chairman, Malaysia IoT Association

· Andri Yadi, Vice President, Indonesia IoT Association 

· Boy Wicaksono , Head of IoT Innovation & Enablement, PT XL Axiata

· C K Vishwakarma, Founder, IoTSG, Singapore

· Dr. Alistair Ewan Douglas, Founder and Partner, Eachmile Technologies



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